MAIL Tattle-Tail

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Never make another wasted trip to the mailbox!  The MAIL Tattle-Tail will automatically tell you when you have mail.  When you see the yellow flag in the upright position, your mail has arrived!             

Rust free, all aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware.  No springs, cords or chains to break.  It functions each time, every time, regardless of weather.  Freezing rain, ice, or snow cannot keep it down.  If the mailbox door is opened, the MAIL Tattle-Tail goes up.

The MAIL Tattle-Tail saves unnecessary trips to the mailbox for everyone. It is particularly helpful for the elderly, disabled and children.  Increased safety for all, especially if the mailbox is located across the road.

Some assembly is required. A hole must be drilled in the side of the mailbox and the MAIL Tattle-Tail must then be bolted onto the mailbox.  All required hardware included.  Tools required: ¼-inch wrench or adjustable wrench, Phillips #2  screw driver and drill with a 9/32-inch drill bit or a 1/4-inch drill bit will work too. 

Both a "left" and "right" mounted option are available. The left side mounted MAIL Tattle-Tail will mount on the left side of the mailbox when looking at the mailbox from the front. The right side MAIL Tattle-Tail mounts on the right side of the mailbox (same side as the red mail flag). The Tattle-Tail is not easily visible with a Jumbo sized mailbox. You may wish to consider which side of the mailbox you can see from your home and order a Tattle-Tail to mount on that side.When using with a newspaper tube, the right side mounted MAIL Tattle-Tail must be ordered.

Shipping and handling included. Mailbox sold separately.